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Coloured version of Gangster Boss!Jongsuk

Namtae Chicness on 'off' mode.

Lee Jong Suk for Instyle (Sep 2014) - Extras

Source: DC
Translation note: Instyle is the gift that keeps giving, lol.


Things That Make Him Happy


The perfume he uses every day: Burberry ‘The Beat’ Woman. Although it is a perfume for ladies, but I’ve started using it in my early twenties and there’s a lot of memories in its scent for me.

Fashion item: Alexander McQueen shirts. The sleeves are long and the cutting is fine, so I like wearing it.

The movie that brought him on the path of being an actor: “It was watching Kang Dong Won sunbae’s ‘Temptation of Wolves’ that made me want to be an actor.”

Interior Design: ‘The yellow light of a standing lamp makes the living room seem warm.”

The car he wants: “Compared to other people my age, I really know nothing about cars. If you must have me pick one, I’d pick the batmobile from the Batman movies! Isn’t it so cool when it becomes a motorcycle?”

A movie you are very into lately: “I’ve been waiting for ‘Amazing Spiderman 2’ for so long but didn’t have time to go to watch it at cinemas while the drama was filming. After IPTV uploaded it, I immediately bought it online and watched it twice.”

Food that makes him happy: “Short-ribs kimchi stew made by my mom. I love this so much I could eat it every meal for two days without getting sick.”


Editor’s Note (DC)

It was the day before we set off for New York. Late in the afternoon, Lee Jong Suk entered the coffee shop, a ‘flower smile’ on his slim, unique face. “No matter how good it is to be home, lying on the bed for more thanaweek is really too much, my back’s almost broken…” As he spoke, he broke into a chuckle that was like a scene in a CF.

Wearing a purple, spray-dyed Vivienne Westwood shirt and dark navy trousers, his shoulders seem more broad than before. He ordered his favourite iced latte then apologized for being late for 10 minutes, since it has been so long since his last outing from home. He felt that he must give a good impression for official work business, so he went to get a facial and make-up done before arriving. (For a person like him, it is such a ‘privelege’ for us to receive such honour.)

To be able to lie at home and do nothing for a  whole week is very rare for Lee Jong Suk, who has been working nonstop for 4 years straight. Since his debut in ‘Princess Prosecutor’ and breakout role in ‘Secret Garden’, both in 2010, his acting career kickstarted. He did ‘High Kick 3’ in 2011, ‘Korea: As One’ and ‘R2B: Return to Base’ in 2012. As for last year, he was in four projects, dramas ‘School 2013’, ‘I Hear Your Voice’, movies ‘The Face Reader’ and ‘No Breathing’… it can definitely be said that he is the most busy out of actors his age. For the first half of this year,he has already completed ‘Hot Young Bloods’ and ‘Doctor Stranger’, before earning this long-awaited holiday.

"I really didn’t do anything and just stayed at home." This famous ‘home-dweller’ continued to say these cute words, "I felt like I should do something so decided on this New York trip, but when it’s come to the day before the tip, I want to be lazy again." Even so, since he is out anyway, he decided to make the best of it. A dinner with Kang Sora and drinks with business associates later in the day, his excitement can be seen in his expression.

For his first interview after ‘Doctor Stranger’, he answered our questions with his own friendly style and without any reservations, for two whole hours, un-distracted and completely honest.

all their faces are the best but HOON

all their faces are the best but HOON


  • The Arctic Ocean, Summer 2010
  • The Arctic Ocean, Winter 2012

Eirik Johnson

it is easy to forget the arctic sea is not always frozen

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Winner and LJS


So, one of the Winner guys is the one from High Kick 3 with LJS… (Full of wonderment) 

And LJS dipped his eggs in this guys navel which had salt?


Ha ha ha..


Shouldn’t they be like really close?


He looks very different…He also looks very talented.

I just see what Hitoritabi posts and she clearly loves them :-D.  

You just made me very curious Hitoritabi …..

I remember two songs.  Smile again and Go up.  Loved both of them.  

yep they are the best

3 stupids are the best ;__;

jongsuk also wrote a debut congratulations message to KSY when he did the solo debut. seungyoon talks about jongsuk on radio.

(I had hoped KSY would ask jongsuk to do the ALS challenge ; u ;)

so yes! go check them out! :DDD

I recommend Different (because I love the lyrics and KSY’s voice in the chorus is just asdfghjkl;’) and Song Mino’s ‘I’m Him’ (because hip hop).

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[Photo] Lee Jong Suk @ Doctor Stranger

Credit : ©lee jong suk japan official fanclub

Handsome Hoon!!!



urgh coming for my money again


2014.3.6:和Karen一起喝咖啡,兩個人都好喜歡這間咖啡店。 (by SilverYang)

Facebook of the cafe.


2014.3.6:和Karen一起喝咖啡,兩個人都好喜歡這間咖啡店。 (by SilverYang)

Facebook of the cafe.


Detail of the ceiling of The Chapel Royal
Hampton Court Palace - England
♔ The Royal Gallery


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Nam Taehyun’s fanservice — M! Countdown

and people ask me why I stan NTH

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