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Sigh, Woo Bin, you really love him.
  • Star News: Kim Woo Bin... the man who has captured all the women's hearts, but there is one man that makes him nervous. Who is it?
  • Woo Bin: Recently, it is Lee Jong Suk.
  • Star News: It is his same age model friend Lee Jong Suk! So, Lee Jong Suk had said this, "Compared to Kim Woo Bin, I was the youngest model to debut, so I was more famous." Is this true?
  • Woo Bin: He said this about himself??
  • Jong Suk: [stock footage] I debuted when I was 16, and I was the youngest model to debut in a fashion show...
  • Woo Bin: To be honest, Jong Suk was my sunbae by a lot, he started his modelling activities a lot earlier than me. When I first entered the industry, Jong Suk had already conquered all the shows. There was a time when I bowed 90 degrees to Jong Suk.
  • Star News: How do you greet him now?
  • Woo Bin: I do this. *waves hand casually*
  • Star News: What a brave hoobae! Are there things that you can say you are stronger than Jongsuk in?
  • Woo Bin: I'm taller and my shoulders are wider.
  • Star News: Did you hear that, Lee Jong Suk-ssi? I can somehow feel your angry gaze coming at me. Now is the time to repair the damage, shall we send him a video message?
  • Woo Bin: Ah, Jong Suk ah~ It's me. From now onwards, let's keep being good friends, helping each other for the rest of our lives... I love you <3
  • Star News: You don't really love him, right?
  • Woo Bin: I really loved him. Until just now. (laughs) Really.
  • Jong Suk: [stock footage] Shut up! x2

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