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Kim Woo Bin: “I really loved Lee Jong Suk…”

Source: Nate (thanks to haesicas :D)
Translator: hitoritabi
Translation note: I was listening to “If you really love me" by Busker Busker while translating this. Also, urgently forming a crew to bust out ALL DELETED SCENES FROM THE DIRECTOR’S COMPUTER. Who is with me?

"School 2013" Kim Woo Bin: "I really loved Lee Jong Suk… even cried during filming."


Actor Kim Woo Bin talks about his love for Lee Jong Suk during filming KBS2 drama “School 2013”. During an interview with Newsen, he revealed more stories behind the filming of the drama.

Kim Woo Bin acted as the role of Park Heungsoo in the popular drama that had just ended on the 28th January. In the series, his reconciliation with Go Namsoon (the role of Lee Jong Suk) received much love from the viewers. Especially, this same-sex couple has gathered attention for being a loveline (?) in itself.

On this day, when asked about his declaration that he “really loves Go Namsoon”, Kim Woo Bin said, “In his heart, he must have loved Namson very much”. He also recalls a flashback scene that has been edited out. After Heungsoo’s leg was ruined, he lived every day like a useless heap; and after Namsoon moved to Seoul with his father, Heungsoo went to Namsoon’s home with the plaster cast still on his leg, but Namsoon is nowhere to be seen, only traces of him are left in the empty house.

Kim Woo Bin mentioned that “when filming the scene, Namsoon appears as a figment of Heungsoo’s imagination, and just watching on the side when they filmed Jong Suk made me start crying”. At that moment, he “really wanted to see Namsoon”.


He went on to say, “The director and Jong Suk all helped me create Heungsoo as he is.” He recalled that “in the scene where we had ramyun together, it was not supposed to be a crying scene but milder in emotions. There was a lot of dialogue for the scene, so we read our lines for about an hour, and at the cue for camera, I looked directly at Jong Suk’s face for the first time. When we were filming the wide shot with the two of us, tears just came to my eyes. The uncalled-for tears continued for some hours. The director finally thought the scene worked well that way so kept those reactions in.” 

Once Kim Woo Bin started crying, Lee Jong Suk — in the role of Namsoon — also started crying. “In School 2013, Heungsoo has never said Namsoon’s name once, and the ramyun scene is the first time he called Namsoon by name. I thought it was a little thing that was only between the two of us, but it seems some viewers have caught that as well, so that is surprising.”

About the fact that “this bastard” has become a popular word associated with himself, Kim Woo Bin explained, “I was more worried about whether it could make it to broadcast, when I first saw the word on the script. Also, I was concerned about the focus of the word — these are not ad-libbed lines, so does using this kind of language express hatred for Namsoon? It is clear that there is some love in the use of that word, since Namsoon receives it not with displeasure. I said it in a way so that it is apparent that there is love behind the words.”

Kim Woo Bin currently busily fulfilling the photoshoot schedules that had been pushed back for filming “School 2013”.

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