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Jo is a translator for (in descending order of competence) Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and all her feels. A collection of people and things I love, none more so than Lee Jong Suk and Winner and people in glasses and food. //


lee jong suk translation winner glasses snapshots omnomnom
Answering asks about Jongsuk on my iPhone while commuting is breaking my fingers

Ow. @-@

But I just want to get it out there that I don’t think of him as tragic, but more as stubborn and flawed as a human being. Which is why I stan him. That, and the fact that his beauty slays me. And that he is most shameless with his aegyo.

P.S. It is the first script meeting of “Hear Your Voice” today.

P.P.S. 99% confirmed that I will go to Taiwan fanmeet. :D

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  2. undertheleaf said: you know I never understood why you stan him, but I actually do now. he’s just a bratty little boy who shows his love and manliness only to people who deserve it
  3. mimosapudica7 said: really?!! owh, please take a lot of pictures of him!! thank you!!
  4. ryn-s said: whoohoo i’m so happy for you(and part of me is jelly lol) congrats! please say hi to him for me? :D
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